10% off a Will in February 2018 – terms apply

We decided to promote making a Will with this offer, and hope that residents of SW19, SW20, KT17, KT18 and KT19 take it up.

Two thirds of people in the United Kingdom have not made a Will.

We decided to carry out a targeted poll on Twitter, to see whether the proportion in the localities of our two offices, Wimbledon and Epsom, was higher or lower than the national average.

Whilst the sample may not be representative of the overall population in the two areas, the results were that 80% had not made a Will, and only 20% had.  This indicates that a fewer proportion of people in Wimbledon and Epsom have made a Will than in the UK as a whole.  We therefore decided to promote making a Will with the offer below, and hope that residents of SW19, SW20, KT17, KT18 and KT19 take it up.

To read about why having a Will is a good idea, click here.

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