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Employment law for employees

As an employee, it can be hard to know your legal rights. If you are facing problems at work, we can offer you practical, friendly and professional advice. Even if you are not sure if you have a claim or are unclear about where you stand on an issue, our team of experts can help.

We provide clear advice on all issues faced by employees, including raising a grievance, worker status, employment contracts, breach of contract, and misconduct allegations. We can help you negotiate your contract of employment when you take a new job, or are offered new terms by your employer.  In addition, we can advise you on issues arising under your contract of employment including restrictive covenants and bonus entitlements.  You will find us approachable and supportive in providing the advice you need to achieve the best possible outcome.

What is employment law?

Employment law is specific to the set of laws and rights that govern and help manage the relationship between you and your employer and offers you protection – whether you work full time, part time or are even self-employed. It covers a wide range of subjects and areas including: your working hours; wages; rights at work (such as parental rights); health and safety; holiday pay; equal pay; as well as protection from bullying and harassment; discrimination; and ensuring that correct procedures are observed in grievance and disciplinary procedures. We can ensure that you don’t breach your former employer’s post-employment covenants, help you bring a claim in the employment tribunal, and provide up-to-date legal guidance throughout.

How can Peacock & Co help?

As experts in the field of employment law, our legal team can provide confidential, professional advice on all issues you may experience in the workplace, from pay and bonus disputes, grievance and disciplinary procedures, redundancy and restructuring, discrimination claims and day to day employment issues which arise at the workplace. Our team can sensitively respond to your situation and equip you with the best advice for your circumstances.

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Discrimination at work

Our approachable team can assist swiftly to give you the best advice.

Dismissal and redundancy

Sound, sensitive advice from our experienced employment law team.

Employment claims

Expertise to advise on the court process if an agreement cannot be reached.

Employment appeals

Expert advice to guide you through the process to challenge a tribunal decision.

Maternity and paternity rights

Sensitively and expertly equipped to help with your queries and concerns.

Settlement agreements

Expertise to help you achieve the best possible settlement agreement.