90 seconds with Christopher Goodwin on… Unreasonable? Who? Me?

The most common ground for divorce in England and Wales where the parties do not want to see out periods of separation, is unreasonable behaviour.


Written by Christopher Goodwin

The low down on divorce

Christopher Goodwin, Partner at Peacock & Co gives us the low down on divorce


Written by Christopher Goodwin

90 seconds with Amie Younger on… Extending a Flat Lease – The 80 Year Trap

A recent report issued by the HomeOwners Alliance has estimated that 42% of leaseholders do not know the length of time remaining on their lease.


Written by Amie Younger

Have you thought about putting a Power of Attorney in place?

Katherine Carroll gives us reasons why a Power of Attorney is important.


Written by Katherine Carroll

Katherine Carroll gives us her top ten reasons to make or review your Will

With summer fast approaching my top tip is to make sure your affairs are in order before you jet off on holiday.


Written by Katherine Carroll

90 seconds on… Mediation, Collaboration, Negotiation or Court?

There are various options when contemplating divorce and a financial settlement.


90 seconds on… Just sign on the dotted line!

Your best time to negotiate the terms of your new contract is before you start. That’s when your negotiating position is strongest.


90 seconds on … The Gig Economy – back to the future?

What is the ‘gig economy’? This is the new world of workers without employers, putting together an income from a series of ‘gigs’ or tasks. It contrasts with the world of traditional employee jobs.


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