Do I need business terms and conditions?

All businesses benefit from the safety net of terms and conditions. We look at why it matters and how you can reduce your legal risk.

Written by Clare Veal

Covid-19: GDPR update

As businesses ease of of Covid-19 lockdown, what are the GDPR requirements to consider?

Written by Clare Veal

Covid-19: Following the five steps to safe working

Our offices are now open by appointment. See how we are complying with the latest government guidance.   

Written by Rebecca Cox

Redundancy procedure: Do you always have to select from a pool?

Facing redundancies? We look at the fair procedure for dismissals.

Written by Clare Chappell

Office doors may be closed, but we are still open for business

During the coronavirus pandemic we are still able to assist you with our full range of services.

Written by Ema Bryn Jones

Covid-19: Can I break my lease? Advice for businesses

As a commercial tenant the future of your business may be uncertain. We look at lease break options.

Written by Philip Zimnicki

What happens when we return to work? Advice for employers and employees

Many employers are now seeing how staff can return to work. We answer your questions.

Written by Sue Fairbairn

Employment options in challenging times: advice for employers

We look at the changes your businesses may need to contemplate to be best positioned for the road to recovery.

Written by Sue Fairbairn

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