Probate disputes: when or why to consider challenging a will

A summary of the grounds on which you could challenge someone's will

Written by Kai Khunsaen-Jones

Money, Money, Money

Christopher Goodwin sets out some dos and don'ts when dealing with the financial aspects of divorce proceedings

Written by Christopher Goodwin

A renter’s guide – advice for tenants

A summary of some of a residential tenant's most important rights

Written by Philip Zimnicki

In England’s green and pleasant land

There are wonderful areas of common land that surround us. How have they come about and what is their significance?

Written by Hilary Beckitt

Building disputes – the basics

Ben Pearson outlines the initial requirements and options for building disputes

Written by Ben Pearson

The Hand that Rocks the Cradle

Clare Chappell discusses employing domestic staff and getting the basic terms right

Written by Clare Chappell

Dealing with a loved one’s estate when they die – are they being taxed twice?

Katherine Carroll reports on the unpopular probate fees hike

Written by Katherine Carroll

Returning to work after maternity leave

Clare Chappell summarises the rights and obligations when an employee returns after maternity leave

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