Will the Queen pay inheritance tax?

Nothing is certain but death and taxes, said Benjamin Franklin, and, in the UK, we have a fairly harsh regime where we pay 40% inheritance tax over and above certain reliefs. 


Written by Katherine Carroll

Unmarried and separating? What to do about your property

If you live with your partner, breaking-up will raise issues of what will happen to the property you share.


Written by Daniel Bolster

90 seconds on… Living with a narcissist

A true narcissist will go out of their way to win at all costs. Does your spouse exhibit narcissistic behaviour?


Written by Jane Katyar

Property fraud: Don’t be a victim

Property fraud could see your home sold from under your feet. The Land Registry’s Property Alert aims to help protect against stolen identity.


90 seconds on… Gaslighting

Do you tread on eggshells around your partner? Do they limit your contact with friends and family? We look at coercive control, also known as 'gaslighting'.


Written by Jane Katyar

Menopause and the workplace: A case for discrimination?

Side-lined, sacked or forced to go part-time? Davina McCall’s new documentary will investigate menopause and the workplace. Employers take note!


Join us for Christmas in the Village! Sunday 5 December

Celebrate the Christmas season with a day of fun, food and festivities in Wimbledon Village on Sunday 5th December.


Written by Rebecca Cox

Setting up a business? Seven tips to get you started

You’ve had the lightbulb moment and are ready to make a business out of your idea. Exciting times! We look at the legal issues.


Written by Clare Veal

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