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We decided to promote making a Will with this offer, and hope that residents of SW19, SW20, KT17, KT18 and KT19 take it up.


A pet, a pet! My pension for a pet!

What happens to a couple's pensions in a divorce?


Written by Christopher Goodwin

90 seconds with Marijana Molnar on… Is buy-to-let still a good investment?

If you are thinking of buying an investment property as an individual, there are a number of things to consider before committing to such a venture.


Written by Marijana Molnar

New Year Resolutions

It is not a bad idea to use the new year to consider putting your paperwork in order and ensure, from a legal point of view, you have all the planning in place you need.


Written by Katherine Carroll

Lasting Power of Attorney – The Impact on You and Your Loved Ones

There are a number of reasons why you might need a person to look after your affairs or make decisions and act on your behalf.


90 seconds on… Top Tips for a Smoother Divorce

Our top tips for reducing the contentiousness and stress of divorce


Do I need a Building Regulations completion certificate?

Buying and selling a property can be a stressful and complex experience so it is best to be proactive and deal with any such issues at the outset before things get going.


Written by Hilary Beckitt

To marry or not to marry, that is the question

Christopher Goodwin, Partner at Peacock & Co gives us the low down on cohabitation.


Written by Christopher Goodwin

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