What is employment status? Advice for employers and employees

Are you a worker or employee? If you work for someone, their responsibilities to you can vary substantially depending on your employment status.


Written by Omar Qassim

Japanese knotweed: A property purchase red flag

Presence of Japanese knotweed can result in a reduction in the value of a property and require specialist management and treatment. We look at the problems.


Written by Sophie Button

Commercial landlord? The Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard (MEES)

As part of the drive to carbon net zero, minimum energy efficiency standards for rented commercial properties are changing.


Written by John Campbell

Artificial Intelligence (AI): What laws apply?

The use of AI is developing fast. Before your business embarks into the world of AI, how do you know you won't fall foul of the law? We look at the regulations.


Written by Clare Veal

Eight ways to simplify your estate before you die

When someone dies, there can be a lot to think about. But with some simple planning it’s possible to reduce the burden on our loved ones once we’re gone.


Written by James Atkins

Eviction Notices: Got one? Need one?

As the cost of living crisis continues, we can expect to see a rise in eviction notices. Whatever the cause, having the correct information is key. A guide for landlords and tenants.


Written by Daniel Bolster

New Year, New Start? Questions about divorce

Perhaps New Year wasn’t the only time you saw fireworks. Or maybe Christmas was simply when you realised that your marriage isn’t working. We can help.


Written by Tatjana Williamson

Unfair dismissal claims: Don’t end up paying double compensation

A recent employment appeal tribunal highlights potential double compensatory payments. Advice for employers.


Written by Omar Qassim

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