Renters’ Reform Bill: What is a no fault eviction?

Will we see an end to evictions by 'no fault', or merely endurance of the factory settings?


Written by Daniel Bolster

Employment Law: Do you know the changes?

We detail the employment law updates affecting flexible working arrangements, carer's leave and redundancy protection for pregnant employees.


Written by Omar Qassim

Changes to Immigration Rules for Skilled Worker Visas

4 April 2024 sees the minimum salary threshold rise to £38,700 per annum for Skilled Worker Visa applications. We look at what the new rules mean.


Written by Omar Qassim

Why should a tenant use a solicitor in a commercial lease transaction?

Not understanding the legal implications of a lease's terms and obligations puts a tenant at risk. We look at the benefits of a solicitor's advice.


Written by Charles Hylton-Potts

Kate Garraway and Derek Draper: Can my partner make decisions for me if I can’t?

The news that Derek Draper, the TV executive husband of Kate Garraway, has died after his prolonged battle with Covid brings fresh heartbreak to the family.


Written by Callum Venn

Do I have to open my shop or restaurant over Christmas? 

Christmas is coming and the shoppers are out! Although a key time for retail and hospitality, not all businesses may want to open for the entire festive period.


Written by John Campbell

Landlords: What is selective licensing?

Residential landlord? Have you heard of selective licensing? In certain areas of the country, you will need a selective license for your properties, or face a penalty.


Written by Daniel Bolster

Making a will: What happens to digital assets?

We may all know that a will helps allocate your financial assets after death. But with so much now held online, what happens to digital assets?


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