Where There’s a Will There’s a Way

If you haven’t thought about a will, those closest to you may never receive what you intend for them


Written by Katherine Carroll

What happens if I’m late for work because of train strikes?

Clare Chappell explains your rights and obligations


Written by Clare Chappell

Party Politics

Make sure this season's socials are teambuilding, not team-breaking


Written by Clare Chappell

Don’t let a boundary dispute become a full-blown nightmare

Ben Pearson explains how to resolve boundary tensions, before they make your property unmarketable


Written by Ben Pearson

Is a Lasting Power of Attorney for me?

Katherine Carroll explains why you might need a Lasting Power of Attorney


Written by Katherine Carroll

Commercial leases – a practical guide

Charles Hylton-Potts explains what to expect when taking a lease of commercial premises


Written by Charles Hylton-Potts

Probate disputes: when or why to consider challenging a will

A summary of the grounds on which you could challenge someone's will


Written by Kai Khunsaen-Jones

Money, Money, Money

Christopher Goodwin sets out some dos and don'ts when dealing with the financial aspects of divorce proceedings


Written by Christopher Goodwin

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