1189 and all that – laws on landlocked properties

Hilary Beckitt explains the rights of landlocked property, proving right of access to highways, and why the year 1189 holds such significance


Written by Hilary Beckitt

Choosing the right solicitor for your property transaction

Ema Jones gives her top tips on how to choose the right solicitor for your conveyancing


Written by Ema Bryn Jones

Why use a Solicitor?

Katherine Carroll gives some of the reasons why it is better to use a solicitor than other alternatives.


Written by Katherine Carroll

Extending your lease

Amie Younger explains why it may be important to extend your lease, and how to do so.


Written by Amie Younger

How will the Court deal with business assets on divorce?

Christopher Goodwin explains the different approaches the court can take to business assets on divorce


Written by Christopher Goodwin

Once more unto the beach, dear friends…

Christopher Goodwin explains what is required for separated parents to take their child on holiday


Written by Christopher Goodwin

Don’t miss out on tax perks

Katherine Carroll explains available inheritance tax reliefs and how to take advantage


Written by Katherine Carroll

Newbuild Guarantees Explained

Hilary Beckitt explains what a Newbuild guarantee is and why it is important


Written by Hilary Beckitt

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